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Parking tickets

We encourage all drivers to respect and comply with parking regulations to ensure that transportation in the city runs smoothly and to help create a safe environment for everyone.

Although all notices of parking violations are usually referred to as tickets, there are actually a few different terms that are helpful to know:

Pay a ticket

Parking tags and infraction notices (tickets related to City Bylaws) can be paid the following ways:


Make sure you have:

  • Ticket/tag number
  • The referenced licence plate number
  • Credit card/debit card


Bring the ticket to:

By mail


  • Ticket
  • Certified cheque or money order made payable to "The City of Calgary"

Calgary Parking
400 39 Ave. S.E.
Calgary, AB T2G 5P8

Early payment incentive

Pay your ticket within 30 days and save up to 20% on the penalty amount. For example:

Timeframe* You pay Example 1 Example 2 Example 3
First 10 days Lowest fine $40 $120 $200
Between 10 and 30 days Next highest fine $50 $150 $250
After 30 days Specified fine penalty $75 $215 $300

* When mailing payment, the amount owing will be based on the postmark date applied by Canada Post.

Unpaid tickets and fines

If you do not pay the fine amount, you will be issued a yellow “Violation Ticket” with a first appearance date. Failure to pay the ticket or contact the Provincial Traffic Court by the first appearance date can result in:

  • Conviction
  • Additional court fees and fines added to the full penalty amount by both the Provincial Traffic Court and Service Alberta
  • Being unable to obtain or renew a vehicles registration or driver's licence until all outstanding fines are paid
  • Suspension of your driver's licence
  • The vehicle being towed if there are multiple unpaid infraction notices/tags or tickets
  • Warrant issued for your arrest

Parking tickets do not take demerit points off your licence or impact your credit rating.

If you feel you were issued a ticket in error, you can appeal your ticket with Calgary Parking to try and get it cancelled before a Violation ticket is issued.

Once a Violation Ticket has been issued, you can request a fine amount adjustment, payment arrangement or appeal your ticket based on your individual circumstances.


Parking tickets may be issued for different reasons, in different situations and by different municipal agencies. Within city limits, you can receive tickets from:

  • Calgary Parking Safety & Compliance (e.g. cameras, ParkPlus system, etc.)
  • City of Calgary Bylaw Enforcement Officers (e.g. Engineering, Livery Transportation)
  • City of Calgary Peace Officers (e.g. Calgary Transit, CP Rail)
  • Calgary Police Services

Report an illegally parked vehicle. Response times may vary.