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How to apply

Are you eligible for a permit?

If your building is located directly adjacent to a Residential Parking Permit restriction sign, you qualify for a Residential Parking Permit. Call 311 if you are unsure or have any questions.

There are different types of permits and regulations for different building types. Payment is required as of December 4, but permits expiring after February 5, 2024 will continue to be valid until they expire.

The permits you are eligible for are based on the type of building you live in.

Select the permit type below based on the type of building you live in for more information on how to apply.
  • Detached house
  • Semi-detached house
  • Duplex
  • Fourplex
  • Townhouse
  • Rowhouse
  • Low-profile multi-residential buildings

Includes information about Standard, Non-resident Landlord, Visitor, and Temporary permits.

  • Large multi-residential buildings built before 1945 (four stories or taller in height or more than 20 dwelling units)
  • Small multi-residential buildings (less than four stories in height and 20 or fewer dwelling units)

Includes information about Select and Temporary permits.

  • Large multi-residential buildings built after 1945 (four stories or taller in height or more than 20 dwelling units)

Includes information about Market, Low-Income Market, and Temporary permits.

Note: Some addresses may not qualify for parking permits if:

  • The building permit states no parking permits will be issued
  • There are rules in place that limit, restrict, or discourage on-street parking
  • 25% or more of the ground floor is used for businesses

To learn why your building may not qualify, call 311.

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Other permits

Note: Clearly marked delivery vehicles do not need a parking permit.

Council approved user fees

Below are the user fees approved by Council as part of the 2023 – 2026 Service Plans and Budgets review.

Permit type Council approved rates
Residential Permit - First Permit $30/year
Residential Permit - Second Permit $45/year
Residential Permit - Third Permit $70/year
Visitor Permit $45/year
Select Permit $45/year
Non-Resident Landlord Permit $45/year
Market Permit - City Centre $105/month
Market Permit - Inner City $75/month
Market Permit - Suburbs $50/month
Low-Income Market Permit $2.50/month


Permit conditions

  • No permits will be given for vehicles that weigh over 4,500 kg or motorhomes.
  • These permits are not valid in paid parking zones.
  • You must still obey the traffic and parking bylaws.
  • You need a parking permit for all motor vehicles, including motorcycles and scooters.
  • You cannot sell, trade, give away or allow any person to use your permit.
  • There are no refunds for parking permits.
  • Calgary Parking can revoke permits if there have been violations.

See full Parking Permit Terms & Conditions.

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