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Membership parking

Membership parking with City partners

We manage several parking lots for City partners, such as the Calgary Zoo, Heritage Park and Telus Spark. If you’re a member of these partners, certain membership levels include free parking. To take advantage of membership parking, you’ll need to register through our ParkPlus System. ParkPlus account holders may log in to membership parking with their existing credentials.

Member parking is valid until your membership expires. Non-members must park at the regular rates for each location

Please be sure to register for membership parking before you leave the parking lot. Refunds will not be issued for parking session payments made on the same day that the membership is purchased. Membership parking will be activated on your next visit.

How to register for membership parking

  1. If your membership is eligible for free parking, select it from the list below. Click Welcome to log in, or create a new account.
    1. Calgary Zoo parking
    2. Heritage Park parking
    3. Telus Spark parking
  2. Under “My Permits”, click Register membership
  3. Enter your last name and membership number (the last name must match the last name on your membership card)
  4. Under “Membership Parking”, click Manage permits, then Edit my licence plate list to add a new licence plate. Click Add plate and Close when you’re done.

To activate your licence plate:

  1. Click Edit to activate a licence plate.
  2. Select the licence plate you wish to activate.
  3. There is no limit to the number of licence plates you can have listed. You can only activate two licence plates at a time for free parking, however only one licence plate will qualify for free parking per visit.  
  4. Click Save when you’re done.

Note: Licence plate activation must be completed prior to exiting the parking lot to avoid receiving a ticket.